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Taking you up to the highest height, and down to the hardest lows, Danny never ceases to deliver the hardcore poundings that grace our shows. Without Squiggles, cheese just wouldn't taste as good.
Dancing With Tears in My Eyes 115.2 MB
Squiggles vs. The Golden Child Live @ Wonderland (Chicago 05-13-06) 56.7 MB
A New Dawn 69.0 MB
Campfire Songs 87.1 MB
I Love Hardcore 54.0 MB
Emo Destroyer 36.7 MB
Butt Sehks 2K4 49.9 MB

Ben Lime

benlime.com - sidescape.net
On the forefront of the trance scene, Lime has been moving crowds with his tech-trance blend of "ass trance". Hands in the air, and grab a tissue, this one will build into an emotional and orgasmic climax.
Fortunato 99.8 MB
Concept Mix: June 79.8 MB
Concept Mix: April 89.4 MB
Concept Mix: February 108.7 MB
Concept Mix: December 102.4 MB
Concept Mix: October 86.0 MB
Concept Mix: August 85.4 MB
Airtight 110.1 MB


From the first drop, MBC will have you hooked with his infectious stage presence and incredible mixing skills. Don't let the fake tooth fool you; MBC is most definitely the future of DnB. No crying allowed.
MBC ft Arion Lee - Live at Spring Fever 52.9 MB
Assault Mix 41.8 MB
Blueshift 2 Promo 54.9 MB
SINRmix 04 73.1 MB
SINRmix 05 72.0 MB


After witnessing him week after week demolishing Baja on Thursday night, we knew we wanted him. With some of the freshest house music and beautiful smile, we're sure your going to be dancing your asses off.
Bang the Funk 93.5 MB

The Golden Child

Richardo has been hard at work perfecting his mixing skill's in Josh's house. Hard clown infused with hard drinking make a perfect combination for any dark Drum and Bass enthusiast.
Squiggles vs. The Golden Child Live @ Wonderland (Chicago 05-13-06) 56.7 MB


The reigning princess of the Minneapolis Drum and Bass scene is now demolishing the floor with DC Productions. Her skills behind the decks are matched only by her enthusiasm for making music and ability to get people moving.
Just for Decoration 59.7 MB

Quad Control

One of the best Drum and Bass DJs in the midwest, the founder of Fever and Konkrete Jungle has definitely made his presence felt. Joining forces with DC is the next step in midwest domination for Rich.
Wobble Mix (zip) 88.6 MB
Another Wobble Mix (zip) 88.6 MB
Yet Another Wobble Mix (may) 88.6 MB
Quick Mixing Mix 88.6 MB
Dark Mix 88.6 MB


We seriously don't know what he plays. It's a bit tech, a bit prog, whatever it is we like it. Pounding beats and great basslines combined with flawless mixing makes this some great party music. Get ready for some bangin' shit.
Sicks Mile Horizon 88.6 MB

MC Arion Lee

Coming out of nowhere in late 2001, Arion Lee wasted no time making a huge impact on the Atlanta DNB scene. His jaw dropping lyrical style and incredible energy quickly turned heads throughout the South East and beyond. Having worked alongside world class djs such as; Craze, DB, Ju Ju, Evol Intent and Mayhem, Arion has now proven without a doubt that he can go round for round with the best MC's in the US. Never miss out on the chance to see this rudebwoy throw down live and direct.
MBC ft Arion Lee - Live at Spring Fever 52.9 MB
Bass Abduction (with DJ Dyami) 55.2 MB


Hailing from the cold barren lands of St. Cloud, inande comes to show us how to drink properly. And maybe play breaks records too.
Demo 02 33.6 MB

Jeff Hunter

A veteran in the Midwest dance scene, Jeff Hunter has been pushing the breakbeat genre since the Y2K. His dj sets never conform to a single style of breakbeat, yet they have a steady and deliberate flow. The sound of each Jeff Hunter performance is different from the last but you can always expect to hear a few funky jams, a couple of chugging progressive tunes, dark bass line bizness and some nuskool vibration annihilation!
Live at Elemental 2 65.1 MB
Live at Blueshift 2 53.5 MB
Live at Blueshift 51.8 MB
Live at Children Of The Revolution 84.0 MB


We have no clue what the name means but one thing we know for sure is that heís the only person in the crew that wears pink. Just donít forget that he plays some banging ass gaycore and knows how to rock the decks. Does that make him a sissy? Thatís something for you to decide.
Live @ Mission Accomplished 53.7 MB
Squiggles Sounds Ghey 120.5 MB
Panda-Core 57.6 MB
All Your PLUR Are Belong To Us! 72.8 MB

Hack (ed)

Through many hours of practicing and hard work in the basement, Dan a.k.a. Hack a.k.a. Ed is quickly establishing himself around town. A connoisseur of fine drum, bass, and yogurt, Hack is sure to make his mark.
Hack on Axis 06-05-07 62.4 MB


Fearless Leader!
Fearless Leader!
Feel free to email me anytime if you have any questions, suggestions, complaints, or confessions of love. :)

Ryan Haas

Nothing short of absolute perfection, Ryan Haas is the sparkling image of everything a man should be. A present-day legend, we can all learn a life lesson from this great human being. Ryan Haas. BAMF extra-ordinaire.

Hart Thompson

Hart has consistently been the nemesis to DC Productions and everything we stand for. A wolf in sheep's clothing, this man can not be trusted. Although he may seem friendly at first, Hart is nothing short of evil incarnate.