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DC Productions and Poopiehead Productions present:
Coming August 6 - 7 - 8
Three Days, Two Nights
One scene coming together again

Location: East of Madison, WI, East of St. Paul, MN

Presented by Poopiehead Productions, DC Productions
and Trounce Records

Early presales are available exclusively online at www.trouncerecords.com for $24 until July 5th.
Regular presales will be available up until
the day of the event for $29


The exact location of the campground will be released online, and on the info lines, on the morning of Friday, August 6th, and run through the night of Sunday, August 8th. (Camping on Sunday night is available for an additional cost directly to the campground if you need another day to recover).

Early presales are available exclusively online at www.trouncerecords.com for $24 until July 5th. Regular presales will be available up until the day of the event for $29 at:

. www.trouncerecords.com
. www.vitalvinyl.com
. Trounce Records (Milwaukee) (414) 273-1299
. Trim Records (Madison) (608) 250-4680
. Audio Depot (Madison) (608) 251-2008
. MC Audio (Madison) (608) 251-7746
. The Groove Shop (Rockford) (815) 229-7375
. Another Level (Chicago) (773-586-6346
. Another Level (Schaumburg) (847) 882-9165
. Vital Vinyl (Minneapolis (612) 874-8892

We highly suggest that you get a presale. You will be guaranteed a ticket if you purchase before July 6th. After that, we cannot guarantee availability. If in doubt, call the main info lines - they will tell you if tickets are still available. Also, remember, your ticket DOES include the price of camping.

This is what we bring:

  • 12 separate stages of sound and lighting bliss, brought to you be the top promoters and DJs in the midwest
  • Three full days of camping, over 50 hours of music and access to all stages and areas is included in your admission
  • The debut of the MOAB (Mother Of All Bass) sound system. i-Tech amps, custom cabs, and more bass than you can shake a stick at
  • A Wall of Light, embark on an optical odyssey with 10 VJ eye-spasm captains piloting multiple projection screens, argon lazers, and intelligent lighting, making your sensory seasick pupils puke pure photons of pixelized pleasure
  • Fully themed activity areas - expect freaks, fire, bouncy things, misting/foam tests and much, much more, all included in the price of admission
  • A rain or shine venue. With plenty of capacity indoor and out, you can play in the mud or chill on a couch, or play on the couch in the mud
  • A party for charity. As with our events in the past, a portion of the profits will benefit charities such as the ACLU of Wisconsin Foundation (protecting our right to assemble), Peace Action Wisconsin (protecting our right to live without fear), and prostate research (protecting the genital areas of you or those close to you). Want to see another non-profit charity on the list? Let us know at the door.
  • Full vending - food, alcohol (for those with IDs), non-alcoholic beverages, clothing, toys and more
  • Camping on Sunday night (why no make it four days?) is optional, if you want another day to chill and camp, and is only another $10 per/person.
  • Merchandise and music giveaways from Trounce Records, Milwaukee
  • Voter registration booths from several states and cities
  • A spectacular, nature-rific campground, with plenty of room to roam
  • Open turntables. Didn't get a spot on the flyer? Bring your wax anyway, and sign up for a slot, or just bring up a demo, and we'll keep an eye on you for next year.

This is what you bring:

  • A canned food donation at the door. As with all of our events, part of the price of admission is a non-perishable food donation
  • A Tent (or a friend with a tent)
  • Enough food and beverages for the weekend (or some cash - we'll have food available for sale)
  • Leave glass, weapons, drugs and pets (and pets on drugs with weapons) at home, but just about anything else is fair game.
  • Make your site what you want. Bring a couch, a pool table, a pool, a sandbox, whatever.
  • If you need power or water hookups, let us know at the door and we can provide it for a small additional charge. We'll be giving away free stuff to the most unusual sites.
  • Respect. For the performers, the venue, the promoters, others around you, and yourself.
  • Yourself. You don't want to miss this.
.5 Shirt techno
100% Medallion Eurotrash Elite E.B.M.
2 Shy Groove Shop progressive house
Aaron Chase N-Joy house
Acidize drum + bass
Aeon Audio Tribe techno
Airyck Sterrett www.iowa-mopeass-crew.com trance
Aleon trance
Alex Peace Faded Muzik, AlexPeace.com
Alias bassheadz.com drum + bass
Amanuet RL jungle
Angelus Drop-A-Log electroclash
Arise Teopelli jungle
Asa D Trim Records downtempo / house
Bam Bam Bass Heavy Music hard house
Bankie Phones techno
Big Daddy Bud Guitar Center tech house
Big Gravy Teopelli deep house
Billy O True Family Unit house
Breakdown B Super Dance house
Brendan Clark breaks
Bryan Balli Chi Houz Project house
Bryan Sleiter Boss Recordings / Intellephunk techno
Cap'n Crunk Ring Of Fire electro
Centrific Drop Bass Network / Intellephunk techno
CFK ToyMaker Music / 3rd Floor / OGSF tech house
Chaircrusher Cornwarning/IC house/downtempo
Chris Grant outlawed production house
Chris Tomasone Super Dance progressive
Christian James Day 5 techno
Clark Nova Platestation house
C-Minus Dangerous Minds Crew / dmcrew.com drum + bass
Coach Collins drum + bass
Cris Sal Alleruzzo Tripp Productions tech house
Crisgo Disco LUV house
Cruder superemotionalepicsoundscapes
Curtis Chip Zod experimental (live)
Dali S DUP / Silk house
Dan Efex www.DanEfex.com, Nepal Records trance
Daniel Paul microhouse techno
Dank Frank techno
Dave J Trim Records house
Dave the Enforcer RL techno
Daveed Teopelli disco house
deejayjames breaks
Demea Trim Records/ Nu Kaos Kollective house / breaks / techno / drum + bass
Dennis Witch techno
Denot5 Euphoric Daydream / M A C / Perverted Beats techno
Derby Touch Samadhi psy
Dev Twenty-Seven Music drum + bass
Dewey Decimal Massive, 37h3r techno (live)
Dialect djdialect.com, truefunkarmy.com techno
Digitize Foundation drum + bass / jungle
Dillusional jungle
Dino Nokturnal Gruv progressive house
Diva D Poopiehead Productions, Subsonic Harmonies drum + bass
DJ Catalyst Poopiehead trance
DJ Clear Teopelli bangin' house
DJ D8A Groovereactor Records acid house
DJ Daz RL techno
DJ Drift Intergruv hard progressive
DJ Fritz outlawed production breaks dmc
DJ Jade Happy Vibe, Bassdrive.com drum + bass
DJ Kirby cbxproductions.com house
DJ Knight Iguana Body Jewelry hip hop
DJ Lime cbxproductions.com, djlime.com trance
DJ Loco HBO old school
DJ Nay Intergruv nu-nrg
DJ NOD ptlf, Touch Samadhi dub/ downtempo
DJ Noi Happy Vibe, Ruffneckplayazcrew, Distructive Force/UK upfront hardcore/freeform
DJ Norcik cbxproductions.com trance
DJ NuttsaQ Positive Groove hardstyle / hiphop / tech
DJ Rockin' RC Positive Groove house
DJ Rozz DJRozz.com hard house
DJ Smirk R 'N' Beats / Mixtapehost.com hardcore / d+b
DJ Squiggles MidwestNRG / R 'N' Beats uk hardcore
DJ Stabs-Mpls- Hard House midwestnrg.com hard house
DJ Storm PLTF psy
DJ Teddow midwestnrg.com hard
DJ Wrek Underground House Wrekz house
DJ ZiOn Intergruv drum + bass
D-Jam Intergruv trance
Djungal DBPM jungle
D-Lite Toxic Vibe house
Doc Link doclinkmusic.com / OCD Music house
Dodger truefunkarmy.com techno
Dorkmeister superemotionalepicsoundscapes
Dr. Terminus ToyMaker Music / 3rd Floor / MI6 drum + bass
Dream Sequence ToyMaker Music / OGSF / PTLF psy trance
Dru Le Cue Empyreal Productions hardcore / d+b
Dustin Zahn abiotic techno
DVS 1 Hush techno
Dyrect Dangerous Minds Crew / dmcrew.com drum + bass
E.N.T. Teopelli progressive house
EctoOne www.solidstatememory.com 8-bit/No Laptops/Live PA
Elchill independent live pa
Elekid Happy Vibe / Poopiehead trancecore/freeform
Emotional Joystick Zod experimental (live)
Erwood Addict eclectic
Evan S house
Fascist Dan JVAS drum + bass / hardcore
Fire RL / Poopiehead acid techno
Fortune house
Frakture techno
Frankie Naples Phat Productions house
Frankie Vega Blueline, Uppercut, Hot Jams techno
Future Prophet Sit 'n' Spin drum + bass
G-13 12 inch playas house
Garrett mnvibe.com techno
Gavin Theory Drunken Unstable UK nu-breaks
Geoffrey Law Bad Robot Productions hard techno
Glasa Groove Shop house
Greg 2 Hype progressive house
Hart Thorson cbxproductions.com trance
Ho Nous www.solidstatememory.com 8-bit/No Laptops/Live PA
Homer house
Hypnoassassin illuminatus expericore
Ian Lehman abiotic techno
Imaginary Friend turntablism / live pa
IPX Poopiehead house
Isaac Anthony techno
J Atmosphere Jumpkick! Records house
J3 deep house
Jack Nees Mind Over Matter drum + bass
Jack the Lad Subconscious Collective progressive
James Hammer techno
Jasonbuss Foundation, imac house
Jeff Hunter www.jeffhunter.ws breaks
Jes One Groove Shop, Shure Needlz, Borgotta Records, JesOne.com, Needlz.com house
Jimmy Tripp Tripp Productions house
Johnny Armstrong RL techno
Johnny Breaks Revelation Records breaks
Johnny Plastik Breaks Kind Beats
Johnsin Massive, SoundClash drum + bass
Jon Gregory techno
Jon Hester techno
Josh "The Funky 1" Funktion Records, thefunky1.com funky house / turntablism
Josh Phillips stomprecords.net drum + bass
JP techno microhouse
J-Sun Gorilla Move Co house
Justin Fortune Teopelli jungle
K Funk ToyMaker Music house
Kaiser Soze Massive, 37H3R, PTLF psy
Kee Stealth Noise Unit / Drop Bass / Trim special b-day set
Ken Earley Sound In Motion, Human Condition techno
Kernel Scurry lildevilnoizelab.com / Sub Coll happycore
Kid Ikarus Jungle Treehouse Collective jungle
Kid Spin Groove nation acid house/tech house
Kinesis bounce records techno
Kwak Komited tech house
Lady Bandit Give Us a Break Records funky breaks
Lady Crysis Dangerous Minds www.dmcrew.com breaks / electro
Lady Espina Mina Capa Productions/89.7 KRUI www.uiowa.edu/~krui breaks / electro
Lars161 Positive Groove techno
Leif Matter/:Form NYC minimal
Leon J. truefunkarmy.com breaks
Liquid G'zus Treehouse Collective gabber/techno
LiveWire Treehouse Collective electro
Lonnie Mneumonic bassheadz.com drum + bass
Lukewarm downtempo/house
Manny Poopiehead, Happy Vibe happy hardcore
Mario Sainz Gorilla Move Co... house
Mark Almaria Bunchlox Music, ABS, Chicago
Mark Del Gato Groove Shop house
Mark Funxx Minneapolis live video mixing
Master Control Program techno (live)
Matt E Studio Gangstas techno
Matt Sather Groove nation acid house/tech house
MBC Twenty-Seven Music drum + bass
MC Remind Borgata Records real hip-hop
MEDIA2017 Satan S.A.R.S. Video All-Star Team live video mixing
Meghan Goahead psy
Michael Wenz RL / Poopiehead acid techno
Mike G techno Intellephunk
Mikey Trim Records house
Mishuggah The Institute to Blow Your Mind electro
Misteries Brut Force house
Mitch pulse 26 / ecstatic hard trance
Mitch Danger techno
Moksha Eccentric Beats
Naked Discourse Distort metal/gabber
Nate "Gonzo" Gans House Playaz house
Negative Zero Poopiehead live pa progressive
Neil Howard NKH old school
Neo Positive Groove house
Nick G Evolution Collective techno
Nick Styles Positive Groove ghetto-tech house
Nix techno
No Parimeter outlawed production jungle
NSS-27 Teopelli tribal
Nu-stylez www.recordbreakers.cc dmc/booty
obuchiteck techno
One s.p. Intellephunk techno
Opus Eye Minneapolis live video mixing
Orlow Audio Tribe hardcore
PacMan Treehouse Collective ghetto
Panic Films Chicago live video mixing
Paul Anthony Nokturnal Recordings / UC / Dirty Fabric / Just Say AgencyChicago, www.justsayagency.com house
Peter Rabbit Treehouse Collective tribal Tech
Phil Martinez Eccentric Beats progressive
Phuzze Poopiehead trance
Pneumo ToyMaker Music / MC Audio / Net Mix Radio prog hard trance
Proximal Happy Vibe / Playground Prod hardcore / happy hardcore
Pruce Up all night sleep all day hard house
Quick Mixin Nick Groove Shop hard house
R.T.B.M Zod breakcore (live)
Race Car techno
Ramses Orion RL / Poopiehead
Raymond Baer Happy Vibe jungle/breaks
RDC Ninthwonder Soundsystem, Fight Club, EMC drum + bass
Reaktor Subconscious Collective/N.E.S./Mons Musik break/hard-core / jungle
Remedy Komited   progressive house
Rik Fade Poopiehead / Trounce Records / Speznaz / dynamicbreaks.com nu-school breaks
Robby T habitrecordings.com drum + bass
Roll True Family Unit drum + bass
RoundAbout Dangerous Minds www.dmcrew.com trance
Rue Ruebear drum + bass
S.O.T. Touch Samadhi psy
Schematik softcore musik, Mons Musik experimental/idm
Sean Tripp Tripp Productions house
Select A+B 37H3R gameboy rock
Shawn New www.iowa-mopeass-crew.com tribal house
Sir Fice Audio Tribe techno
six22 lildevilnoizelab.com freeform / HHC
skylab2000 Fused Artist Management, www.skylab2000.com, Los Angeles live set
slntpl Intellephunk techno
Slow Derek techno
Solange Premiere Artists Group, DJSolange.com house
sound.light.motion Minneapolis live video mixing
Squish DUP / Silk house
Stanley Waukesha hard acid
Statistic d+b
Submerge 101 Another Level, Distorted Music techno
Sunkissed Evolution Collective techno
Sushi Brut Force 2-step
Symmetry bassheadz.com / www.hardstepsistaz.com drum + bass
Tank One Teopelli ragga jungle
Terra Firma Teopelli jungle
The Noid Udopia acid techno
The Saint trance
Thrasher tits  breaks
Tim Fusion Intergruv techno
Timothy Rysgaard
TJ Richter www.mindplasma.net multimedia live act
Toki Audiognomes psy
Troy180 Independent breaks
Underfoot Audiognomes psy
Vial Poopiehead / Trounce techno
Vibe Raider Zod electro
Victor Orozco techno
VJ Brye Madison live video mixing
VJ Komando OSRA - Milwaukee live video mixing
VJ Mind Rewind Light Fantastik - Madison live video mixing
VJ Totovader Minneapolis live video mixing
WagonTongue Lunatic Fringe abstract
Web of Deception Boss Recordings / Intellephunk techno
Whirm Lightbox Records live ambient/downtempo/glitch PA
Wierdboy drum + bass
Wong techno
Wyatt Agard MC Audio house
Xander James cbxproductions.com techno
Yerik techno
Yovi Groove Shop house
Zach Douglas www.iowa-mopeass-crew.com breaks
Zinyl Teopelli techno