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So long, and thanks for the memories!

Well, it's about that time. We're done doing shows for now. It was a great ride, and I truly want to thank everyone who helped make it awesome. It was definitely a fun and crazy adventure.



Who is DC Productions?

It started in late 2003 with me deciding that I wanted to throw a charity party. That somehow spiraled into a show called "elemental", which became one of the largest shows in the midwest for a few years. A few other memorable shows from our 5 year run were the "blueshift" (later "future:perfect") series of outdoor events, the dc "house of love" basement we rented for a summer where we ended up having Oliver Lieb do a 7 hour set, and of course, the "elemental" series of charity events that happened each winter, peaking with elem3ntal with a 1700 person attendance.

For information on past events, you can click on the flier pieces to the left. Most of our team is still playing out at events all across the cities, so check out the dj section to find out what they've been up to lately.